I believe that when children are presented with books in engaging ways, they grow into readers who appreciate literature and language. With this site, I aim to create a meaningful exchange between authors and educators to better serve these children.

If you are an author wishing to create educational resources for your book, you've found the right place. Search through these pages to learn how to create lesson plans, link your book to standards, create discussion questions, and more.

For many authors, there isn’t time in the day to develop resources like these, or you just don’t have the background. For these authors, I am available to help in the process or to create resources for you. As a former teacher, I know that quality educational resources are invaluable. If you can make your book fit the needs of today’s classrooms, you have a better chance of getting your book in the hands of teachers and students.

It’s a win for educators, who gain access to supplementary materials, and a win for authors, who want schools to use their books.

Authors, I want to hear from you! 
What do you want to know about the education world?

Teachers, I want to hear from you! 
How are you using children's literature in the classroom?

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A special thanks to Dee Romito for helping me get this webpage started.